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Intuitus Excelsus "Elevated Gaze"

Intuitus Excelsus "Elevated Gaze"

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Intuitus Excelsus "Elevated Gaze" Description: This Neo-expressionist artwork captures the essence of a cartoon chicken with its eyes fixed upwards, transfixed by an unknown spectacle. Through the artist's use of pulled, scraped, and scratched techniques, the painting exudes raw emotion and a sense of urgency, inviting viewers to contemplate the chicken's captivating curiosity and the mysteries that lie beyond its gaze.

The premium quality 100% polyester canvas stretches across a 0.75” pinewood frame. It's the perfect base for printing in crisp, vibrant colors.

.: Material: 100% polyester (canvas), 100% pinewood (frame)
.: Assembled in the USA from globally sourced parts
.: Small QR codes on the back
.: NB! Does not include mounting hardware
.: NB! Due to canvas production specifics, the design placement might shift for 1-3 mm and can stretch over the canvas edges

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